Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Look no further! I am a certified personal trainer offering one-on-one training sessions tailored to your individual needs and goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve your overall health and well-being, I can help you get there. Say goodbye to boring gym routines and hello to personalized, effective workouts. Let’s work together to achieve your fitness dreams! Contact me @ (858) 800-4595 or email for more information or to schedule a FREE Session & take advantage of 50% off Your First Month.


I offer a variety of training programs tailored to meet the unique needs of my clients. My programs are designed to help individuals of all fitness levels achieve their desired results through a combination of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises.

To provide you with more information on my personal training programs, here are some details:

• Each program is customized to your fitness level and goals.

• We’ll work together to create a workout plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

• I’ll provide guidance on proper form and technique to help you avoid injury.

• I can offer advice on nutrition and wellness to complement your training.

• Depending on your preferences, sessions can be held in-person at your home / apartment gym, nearby park, my Poway location or on Zoom.

“AWESOME Workout. Kept it challenging throughout although you hardly notice the time as it flies by.”

“Kevin was amazing. I never had such an intense workout. I can’t wait to go back for my next one.”

“Kevin is very knowledgeable about fitness and he really pushes you! Be prepared for some of the best workouts of your life!”


  • 1x Per Week – $240 / month
  • 2x Per Week – $440 / month
  • 3x Per Week – $600 / month


  • Your Home or Apartment Gym
  • Any Nearby Park
  • My Private Personal Training Indoor / Outdoor Gym in Poway.


  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Functional Fitness
  • Conditioning
  • Sport Specific
  • Customized Nutrition

*rates vary depending on the location and frequency of sessions.

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